"I was deeply moved when I first saw the Gee family in action, and I believe you will be too. The Battle For Brandon is an emotional story that will bring tears, laughter, and shouts of triumph. It will give you a fresh perspective on whatever adversity you might be facing." – JENNIFER GARNER, Emmy Nominated and Golden Globe Award Winning Actress

"This story is a testament to a father’s faith and a family’s stronghold on the Word. What a miracle. God can do anything when we have the faith to believe Him. Incredibly inspiring!" – TAMIKA CATCHINGS, WNBA MVP and Four-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

“Jayson Gee is a great man of God. He is led and controlled by the Holy Spirit. He is a champion of the faith. That’s what makes this book even more powerful. I couldn’t believe all that Jayson and his family had been through. My heart was moved. My faith grew because of this story.” – RITCHIE McKAY, Head Men's Basketball Coach, Liberty University

The Battle For Brandon is a miraculous, life changing story that will encourage you to never give up and to never stop believing that God will deliver you from whatever situation you have going on in your life.” – ANTWAAN RANDLE EL, NFL Champion, Pittsburgh Steelers

“This story represents one of the greatest faith tests I have ever seen with my own eyes. Jayson and Lynette were put to a test at the highest level, but they showed such a strong conviction as parents and never gave up on their son.” – ANTHONY SOLOMON, Associate Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Dayton

“Jayson Gee put himself on the front line to save his son Brandon. He never wavered. What a remarkable story of faith and commitment. I’ve never seen something so miraculous as what happened in this family’s life.” – GARY WATERS, Former Head Men's Basketball Coach, Cleveland State University

“When I think of Jayson Gee, the words that come to mind are integrity, trust, consistency and faith. As he went through this trial with his family, he couldn’t just call a play and make things better. But he listened to the head coach, Jesus Christ. Jayson’s faith jumped off the pages of God’s Word. He is the real deal and his testimony will bless you.” – CAREY CASEY, Ambassador for Fathers, National Center of Fathering

“Jayson Gee is one of my closest friends. Seeing his family’s story unfold right before my eyes has helped me to never doubt God. It has strengthened my walk with the Lord to see Jayson’s faith lived out in shoe leather. You too will be inspired, challenged, and blessed by the miraculous events chronicled in this book.” – KEITH TYLER, State Director, FCA West Virginia

The Battle For Brandon is a love story. It’s a love story because of the incredible love that Jayson and Lynette Gee have for each other. You see it in their family. You see it in the way they encouraged others even when their hearts were broken. The grace of God in their lives shined forth in the darkest moments and it is still manifesting in a way that continues to give hope, joy, and life.” – PASTOR MATTHEW J. WATTS, Grace Bible Church, Charleston, West Virginia